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"Jesus said, 'Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.' "
 Matthew 19:14
​Goals of Pathways to Preschool Program

To satisfy three basic needs of your child:

  1. Intellectual Curiosity or "the need to find out"

  2. Social Adjustment or "the need to belong"

  3. Spiritual Awareness or "the need to feel secure in God's plan for us"


To help children:

  • learn to work and play independently, to be at ease while away from home, and learn to accept help and direction from adults

  • learn to interact effectively with other children and to value one's own rights and the rights of others

  • develop self-identity and a view of themselves as having competence and worth

  • realize many opportunities to strive and to succeed physically - intellectually and socially

  • widen and sharpen language skills - both listening and speaking

  • be curious, that is, to wonder and to seek answers to questions

​Goals of Preschool Program

To provide an enriching curriculum in a Christian setting.


The curriculum includes:

  • Art activities: Painting, cutting, coloring, clay, etc

  • Religious activities: Daily bible stories and prayers that focus on Christianity & once a month Chapel lessons by the LCR staff

  • Social Studies: Seasons, holidays, home, church, community, & manners

  • Science: Hands on and inquiry-based activities about plants, animals, weather, and health

  • Cooking activities and nutrition: 4-5 times/year cooking projects designed to teach children how to make simple snacks

  • Number experiences: Developing number concepts through hands-on number activities, number recognition, and counting

  • Language activities: Use of The Peabody Language Development Kit, story telling, poetry, use of books and "Show and Tell"

  • Reading readiness: Alphabet Recognition and formation, phonics, rhyming words, shapes, left to right progression, same & different,                                                       etc. Currently utilizing Handwriting Without Tears curriculum

  • Computers: A computer and a variety of readiness programs are available in each classroom.

  •  LearnPad  android tablets utilized by the class to enhance learning subjects.

  • Dramatic Experiences: Dramatic play & puppetry

  • Musical Experiences: Singing, listening, rhythms, lumi sticks, and musical games.  

  • Indoor & Outdoor Play: Blocks, trucks, housekeeping area, puzzles, books & educational toys, running, jumping, climbing, and ball skills

  • Visitors: Professionals from the community teach the children about their jobs. Ex: Veterinarian, Dentist, Fire Fighters and more.


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